MA Film and TV Production

MA Film and TV Production – Class of 2021 – University of Hertfordshire

I did it!

After all the typical struggles, the adventure of moving to another country and diving into a new industry finally paid off.

On the 27th of October 2021, I received my certificate in Film and TV Production from the University of Hertfordshire, in Hatfield, England. And later in December 2021, the University held the Post-Graduation Ceremony for the School of Creative Arts.

It’s crazy to think that, back when I finish my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from ISCTE Business School (Lisbon, Portugal), I would be living in England learning the craft that I love and admire.

Happy graduate!

I’ve grown as a person and a professional so I am here to share my opinion on my journey.

Back in 2018 I was working on a typical 9-5 job and I was living my life as any other person would, but my mind was constantly somewhere else – FILMMAKING.

After several months of consideration and carefully planning my life, I thought “if not now, then when?”. So I finally decided to go ahead and risk it all and in 2019 I moved to England to do my MA in Film and TV Prodcution.

Following what I actually wanted was the best decision I did for myself! I am so grateful for having the opportunity to move abroad, explore a new city and new country while learning the craft I want to pursue.

And now here we are. Two years after, some connections and a few projects later I can finally call myself a Master of Arts!

But wait. Does this piece of paper changes anything? Well, yes and no.

It does change the fact that I have a higher education level and that I took the time to learn more about the subject. At its core, it gives me the confidence to follow through and aspire to do something better.

However, taking into consideration that the subject itself is such a creative one you learn the most by actually doing things, so you don’t really need a university nor a degree or course to learn filmmaking as you can learn it online for example. It does help and puts you in a place to start but it’s not necessary to thrive.

MA Certificate
Cookie Production Crew (part of it) with Ayushi Garg (on the left), me, Rita Limão (in the middle) and Hawra Abdel-Hussein (on the right).

In my case, I was able to learn and connect with other students. From people starting from the very basics, like me, to people already with experience, we were able to share knowledge and overall make new friends and work colleagues.

Plus I met tutors and other professionals already working in film and TV and they gave us their insights and advice.

Besides the great people I’ve met, I was also able to put my hands in some pretty awesome and expensive equipment that I wouldn’t use otherwise. The university opens you a door to use the several facilities and equipment they have available. From studios, cameras, lights and Softwares we had everything to create higher budget productions.

This degree doesn’t give me any more reliability unless I show and prove that I can do the things needed in real-life productions. So I took the most I could from this experience. I learnt how to use the right equipment, how to proceed from pre-production all the way to post-production. Plus I was inspired by industry professionals and tutors to follow success and create worthy productions without losing myself in the way.

Now my new adventure is to find projects to work on, connect with new creative people and find myself along the way! Baby steps on that matter but wish me luck!

Until next time. Have a nice day!

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